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are you looking for a faithful, calm family member?

A Peruvian Hairless Dog is then a good choice. The Peruvian is to his owner one of the most loyal dog breeds I know. The breed is primitive so therefore also a little reserved. Being reserved does not mean that the dog would be timid or angry - it's the natural sense of a wild animal which means, that the dog doesn't immediately approach something new but gets used to new things by observing from a distance. Because of this, remember when you meet a Peruvian for the first time that you act like you don't notice it at all before the dog comes to you himself.

After getting to know each other for a while, you get a Peruvian to be a fun, playful and loyal friend. A Peruvian is also very smart.

It is easy to teach one because he wants in every way to please his owner.

As a breed the Peruvian Hairless Dog is known for his hairlessness, but there is also a hairy type. Both the hairy and hairless dogs are born in the same litter usually 50-50.

Nowadays even the hairy Peruvians get recognition in the dog world. People have noticed that they are nice dogs too. Some dogs with longer coats do exist, but they do not require much grooming either.

The hairy Peruvians are suitable to all dog hobbies except dog shows.
They should also be used in breeding programmes.

The character between the hairless and the hairy Peruvian do not vary too much from each other. The hairy one of course withstands more cold weathers because of his coat. The hairless needs clothes during winter.
Externally the Peruvian looks like a light greyhound, not too massive.

The skin care is very simple - washing and skin lotion depending on the dog. There are differences between skin type in Peruvians. Some have dry skin and others the kind that needs close to any care what so ever.

The lacking of teeth in the Peruvian seems to be difficult for many to understand. The common belief is that the dog can not eat normally - this is not the case. From experience I can say that a toothless Peruvian can eat for example a regular bone faster then a dog that does have teeth. Believe or not, but I have seen this a lot.

Peruvian eats anything, both home cooked meals and kibble work just fine.Most Peruvians love exercise. Especially to run free without a leash. Outside the Peruvian takes all the joy out of his life, but inside the dog is peaceful and sleeps most of the time.

Text: Bay's Bushyfur kennel
Translation: Minna Sten

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