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Middle - FINLAND
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Our kennel is just a normal home, where our puppies are born and raised till they go to their forever homes. The puppies get a lot of personal attention in our family. They get used to hear normal noises in the household, to share their life with humans, adult dogs..

Our family has 4 human family members – so we are a very typical Finnish family. We have a house in the middle of a forest, in a village called Pappinen which is situated in Joutsa, in central parts of Finland. We have lots of room for dogs inside our house – and of course outside to run free!

My husband Jyrki (born in 1967) takes care of the dogs with me. Our sons Reijo (born in 1981) and Jarmo (born in 1983) are already adults and eager to take part in the tasks in our kennel.
I was born in 1963. I have fallen in love with dogs so much that nearly everything that I do has something to do with dogs – and of course, hairless dogs. My aim is to be most honest to the breed when I am planning new litters and to the new owners of my puppies.

What would we be without these new owners who are interested in our dogs?
They are ready to give a loving home and lots of caring to our dogs.
That’s why I want to be always honest towards these people
– I give all the information about the dogs and as much support to them as they want.

I continue now telling about the history and development of our kennel. We have started breeding hairless dogs in 1993 – that was the time our first litter was born. Bay’s Bushyfur kennel name was given by FCI to us in the spring 1994.

The very first hairless breed in our kennel was Chinese Crested. My foundation dog was El-Radzith Real Roseanne aka Netta who moved to our home in 1990. Netta got 2 litters, all together 6 puppies. A couple of these puppies was bred later. We continued breeding Chinese Cresteds till 2002.

When still breeding Chinese Cresteds we brought another hairless breed to our kennel; that was Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Our foundation dog in Peruvian Hairless Dogs was imported from Denmark in 1997 Caprioso Pepino Pero aka Jade, Peruvian Hairless Dog small, her breeder is Conny Rasmussen. Jade has 13 offsprings.

Here are some of the other Peruvian Hairless Dogs that we have imported:
Imported from Peru through Czech (large size),
Fin & Rus Mva, PMW-01, FinW-01 Keiko,
(medium size) Fin Mva, FinW-02 Hola Pelito,
(small), Crom Pelito.
Hola Peliton and Crom Peliton are owned
together with Marjaana Koskinen, Scarface Kennel.
Other imports from Peru:
Balines (Albertini),
large Sol (Aparcana),
Chusky Itaron,
Dongo itarom,
Huandoy Capac Cuna,
Didi Capac Cuna

We have imported a Peruvian Hairless Dog large from France, too: UrQu Huayna Capac de Bodhisattva, his breeder is Jean-Claude Viel, Bodhisattva Kennel. The male is owned by a friend of us. Keeping two males in our kennel would have been impossible.

Russia, small Tsukki
Slovenia, large Kunturchawa
Belgium, small Indigo Les Fleurs Mystiques and small Isis Les Fleurs Mystiques
Czech, small, Chupa Chups Anika Vevos (not breeding, put in down 1 year old a result of hard hereditary ilness)
France, medium, Eldorado Del Kalidor
Spain, small, Chuil
Sweden, medium,Lohamras Mont Pele
Russian, smalli, Aisfire Zorro Cheveio
Spain, small, Ironsex
Czech, medium, Adventure Dark Gitigaro
France, small, Mocchocaloh de Korrantoh
Russia. large, Sonderwol Legend Rarity Guy

We have bred one Mexican Hairless Dog litter as well: Mexican Hairless Dog (small), imported from Sweden Gagagus Minero de Oro aka Lissu, breeder Ulla Alf-Björgner. Lissu gave birth to one litter with 2 puppies. One of them has offspring in Finland.

The newest breed at our kennel is American Hairless Terrier. Our ´PR´Lar-Mon’s Valentina N Finland aka ´Sunny´ is one of the three first AHTs in Finland. They came to Finland in the spring 2003.

Sunny and sire Jimmy, Flinthill’s American Drem, got the first litter of AHTs in Finland and in whole Europe. That was in May 2004.

At the moment we breed Peruvian Hairless Dogs only in sizes: small and medium.

I also belong to the following dog associations:

- Finnish Kennel Club (SKL)

- Finnish Companions Dog Club (SSKY)

- Finnish Hairless Breed Club (SuKaRo) I have worked the association's president about 11 years

I have learnt breeding skills and accomplished the breeding course (320 hours) in the agricultural school in Jämsä.

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My other hobbies

Dog-related hobbies is a dog clothing.
I sewing, and knitting all kinds of dogs
>>> Here you'll see clothes for what I've done

Drawing is also always belonged to my favorite hobbies have a child.
I like especially animals drawing
>>> Here you see my drawing (updated)

Beside dogs I have always find a great interest towards American Indians. I keep collecting everything what I find about American Indians. Even puppies born in our kennel are named using the Indian tribes.

In the end I would like to show my honour towards American Indians by showing here a couple of sentences



*Bay's Bushyfur kennel - Kaarina-*
Kaarina Naaralainen
Middle - FINLAND
(Finnish and English)



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