Do you possibly wish to have an PSPP of Your own?
I tell how do You have a possibility to have an PSPP (Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru) and what do You have to take into consideration in having one.
What is demanded from You and what do You get.
When expecting an PSPP, You must be prepared for quite a lenghty waiting.
We make litters only when is interest towards buying a puppy.
PSPP is a breed accepted by FCI and therefore registered in Finnish Kennel Club (FKC).
The breed has a right to be shown in shows arranged by FKC.
Agility and such hobbies are also possible if the hobbies are the main reasons for you to own a dog.
Every puppy leaving us gets FKC registration papers.

All our stud dogs have Health programme for canine genetic diseases and defects (PEVISA) examined
( which enables the Finnish Kennel Club to, at the initiative of a breed association, monitor the health and welfare of dogs that are used for breeding. A breed can be included in the PEVISA programme on the basis of a decision by the breed association's general assembly. The PEVISA programme requires breeding dogs to be examined for specific hereditary diseases. PEVISA health examination protocols are created by working groups, which include the best specialist veterinarians for each disease.)

All of the dog's trade agreements are made with a Finnish Kennel Club contracts.

When You are certain of waiting specifically an PSPP, You make a reservation.
You let us know Your contact information so that we can contact You to tell if the puppy just for You has been born.
We usually call right after the labour. After that, You are able to come to see Your puppy for the first time usually when it's about 5 weeks old. Our wish is that You come to see the puppy at least once, possibly more so that the puppy would get to know it's future owner / owners before leaving us. The puppies are given to their new homes minimum of 8 weeks old.


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